PLANERGY™ | Task tracking

Working with tasks. Comfortably.

If there is one thing you’ll really be using a lot – it’s a task list.

Working with tasks Keep your team in sync

Tasklist properties

Group, filter and sort tasks

Integrated with Gantt chart

This is what makes plans and tasks actionable - simply click on a specific item from the Gantt chart to start working with detailed tasks.

Quickly add tasks

Just start typing like you would in a text editor - no complicated entry forms and no time wasted.

Drag-and-drop prioritization

Click-n-Grab a task and move it up/down to change its schedule date, or move it to completely different part of your plan.

Universal workflow

PLANERGY™ doesn't force you to follow a strict complex process, that can slows your team. Instead it uses a simple, universal workflow everyone can follow and use easily.

Custom attributes

To provide flexibility when categorizing tasks, PLANERGY™ lets you attach custom attributes to tasks. This allows you to tailor PLANERGY™ to your organization and not the other way around.

Task card - maxed out.

Maximum clarity. Full inline editing support.

Last comment

Task description



Files and comments

Attributes and tags

Assigned resource

Required work

Opens task details


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