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High level plan will get you nowhere. Create actionable plans and start tracking.

Planergy Preview

Interactive planning for maximum efficiency

PLANERGY™ is based on a unique fusion of Gantt scheduler and micro-task tracker. It allows you to quickly build project plans by creating short task lists and dropping them into the Gantt chart. Because Gantt is completely interactive, you are able to prioritize, schedule, and manipulate tasks with ease.

Full keybord support

Full keyboard support

Using a mouse is fine, but keyboard shortcuts are always faster. Go from clicking and typing to just typing - a world of difference, when dealing with large projects.

True inline editing

True inline editing

Enter task description, change start date, assign resource, modify a project's structure - all with inline editing.

Configurable columns

Configurable columns

You can easily customize your planning grid by choosing any of industry-standard columns like Start Date, Duration, Work, Resource, etc.

Realtime response

Realtime response

PLANERGY™ is built using our fast, in-memory database, which makes planning and task manipulation super responsive.

Scheduling done right

Precise Scheduling For Total Control

With PLANERGY™, you are always in total control of your project plan. You can precisely schedule individual tasks, groups of tasks, or entire projects with our interactive drag-and-drop functions.

Planergy Scheduling

Working with a large number of tasks?

PLANERGY™ supports automatic scheduling of large number of tasks based on user defined sorting criteria (such as task priority or remaining work) which positions tasks in priority order so that important tasks gets scheduled first.

Planergy Scheduling

Who is overloaded and when?

See instant feedback with color changes as you plan – using our simple allocation view

Resource allocation display

Thanks to its super fast engine, PLANERGY™ calculates resource allocation in real-time, by displaying different colors on top of your schedule. This allows you to identify resource bottlenecks much faster than with conventional report based methods. One look at the Gantt chart and you immediately know where you are overstretching your team.

Resource allocation preview screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4

Keep your favorite methodology

Support For Different Methodologies

From a classic work-break-down structure, SCRUM to DSDM – PLANERGY™ allows you to work with your favorite project delivery framework.

Flexibility Required For Real Life

PLANERGY™ gives you flexibility needed to execute real life projects, where you often combine different methods to deliver different phases of project. You can structure your project based on DSDM, deliver sub-phases with SCRUM and rollouts with WBS concepts.

Keep your favorite methodology

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